What Are The Main Types Of Extrasensory Abilities

Types of extrasensory abilities are perception that happens without the involvement of the normal sensory procedures.

Scientific study of these phenomenon started in the late 19th century with a large number of supporting evidence involving the use of card guessing experiments.

People with such extrasensory abilities can be used to help in the search of missing things or persons by teams of investigation.Main Types Of Extrasensory Abilities

Main Types of extrasensory abilities include:

It is also called inter-person thought transference. It involves one person having a direct transference of thought to another person independent of the normal communication channels. It therefore brings about a types of extrasensory ability to perceive.

There have been reliable results from para-psychological studies to prove the presence of telepathy. One of the methods used to test its presence is the use of card guessing technique whereby five sets of five cards form a special deck. The agent, the transfer of thought, think of a random sequence of the cards as the percipient, who is the receiver of the thoughts, attempts to think of the sequence which the agent is thinking.

The agent pays attention to the face of one of the cards at a go as the percipient attempts to think of the symbol. The subjects are screen separated.


This is the ability to know information that is not known to other people, information that is not obtained by the normal channels of perception.

It is supernormal knowledge of things not in the knowledge of others.

The concept is also used by spiritualists to mean hearing or seeing the dead’s spirit surrounding the living.


This is the knowledge of the future and its events to happen. It operates independent of the path of normal sensory order.

The knowledge of the future is not emphasized on events that caused by the mind, but on occurrences already determined, according to the subject.

The test of precognition involves the subject being required to predict the order of cards in a deck yet to be shuffled.

The subject may also be required to foretell the outcomes of throws of dice


This is the ability to perceive things that happened in the distant past. It can be seen as the power to take up information about the past of a place or a person. Such a person is able to get into a location which they know nothing about but yet be able to deduce information about that place. In most cases a person with this ability is used in locations of death or any significant event.

To go by the belief that retrocognition really works, it can be seen to work in the same way as the work of a residential ghost whereby the occurrence are imprinted on the environment in some kind of holographical way.

Medium ship

This is another of the types of extrasensory ability which is the practice or ability of some people to mediate or communicate between human beings and spirits. This is to aid the attempts of people to contact the dead by human beings which dates back into early history of man.

The human instrument, who is in this case the channel or link is used by spirits to; present information, or channeling some types of energies.

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