Top 5 Pointers On Psychic Medium Channeling

Psychic Medium ChannelingPsychic medium channeling has been practiced since time immemorial. The Bible is notes occurrences where this has been done. Mediums are real and their practice is quite useful to some individuals. It is said that the universe we live in is made up of at least seven dimensions. Each of these co-exist in order to make the world and the universe as we know it. There are things we cannot experience with our own senses and this is where psychic mediums come in. Mediums can channel information from the unseen worlds to the physical world. It is not only about speaking to the dead as you will discover as you continue reading.

Everyone can conduct Psychic Medium Channeling

Mediumship comes to people in several ways and it all depends on the degree of its development. Everyone has in the least what is known as intuitive mediumship. Have you ever thought of something to be the case and it turned out to be true? Well, intuition is not just a matter of thinking up something and then it miraculously becomes true. This is the simplest form of mediumship and if nurtured you can develop better abilities of being a psychic medium.

Channeling is both good and bad – terms and conditions apply

It all depends on what you are doing with the psychic channeling. Good and evil thoughts exist in the space occupied by the earth’s atmosphere. These thoughts are attracted in equal proportions. This is to say that the amount of evil thoughts you attract is equal to the amount of good you attract. People whose thoughts are all about good- achieving useful goals and having an earnest desire to grow spiritually will receive more of good thoughts. Channeling such thoughts will be of great benefit.

Object of transmission

Psychic Medium ChannelingAs a psychic medium you are basically the tool that is going to be used to transfer information from the spiritual world into the physical world. This means that you have to have strong control of exactly what you think about as you can attract both evil and good at the same time. Thus you will run the risk of supplying wrong information. To use mediumship for good reasons, more of good thoughts should be attracted than the evil thoughts.

Psychic Medium Channeling can harm the medium

It can be really dangerous to be a psychic medium. This depends heavily on the degree of mediumship one has attained. The more advances you are as a psychic medium the more danger you put yourself to. If you are developing higher levels of channeling that are beyond your ability you run the risk of losing control of your thoughts. Control of thoughts is very important to a medium.

Discipline your thoughts

Discipline is very important as a medium. Overworking, stress and worrying too much as some of the things that will affect the control you have on your thoughts. Get enough rest and take time to exercise and engage in other forms of recreation. Psychic medium channeling involves quite a substantial amount of energy. It is therefore very important that you take very good care of your body.

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