What Are Some Of The Signs You Are A Psychic Empath

Psychic EmpathMany people believe that every person has a degree of psychic ability. However, this “skill” can take several different forms. In some people, the psychic ability shows itself as an ability to be a Psychic Empath. Empathy is described as the ability to sense peoples’ emotions and feelings without the particular people telling them verbally of their thoughts and emotions.

Psychic empathy is different from the human empathic emotions and the two should not be confused. Most people can be empathic or can feel empathy for another person without necessarily being a psychic empath. The main difference between the two is that a psychic empath will often pick non-verbal and/or non-visual cues that another person is experiencing or feeling such as pain, joy or fear. In short, psychic empaths have a way of detecting auras (energy fields) or other times they “just know” what another person is feeling.

Traits of a Psychic Empath

1. Knowing: With their special ability to detect auras / energy fields, psychic empaths seem to just know stuff even without being told, sometimes without visual contact. The knowing is beyond the normal gut feeling or intuition and this gift grows with more and more “knowing”.

2. You feel other peoples’ emotions and take them as your own: Some empaths will feel emotions of people nearby while others of people far off, while others will feel both. If you have a developed ability of empathy, you will even feel / know when a person far off is having bad thoughts about you.

3. You will constantly feel overwhelmed being in public places: Vexed emotions from other people will come on to you in turbulence when crowded places such as supermarkets, malls or stadia.Psychic Empath

4. You can tell when someone is not honest with you: If someone close to you tells you a lie, you will sense it. Although most empaths will try not to focus on this since the thought of a loved person lying to you can be quite painful. Some can also tell when one says one thing but thinks or feels something different.

5. You mostly cannot stand watching tragedy, cruelty, or violence or something that is graphic: The more attuned empath will find these things to be unbearable and hence will tend to stay away from them.

6. Constant fatigue: Some empaths may get drained of their energy too much from time to time, resulting from taking in too much from others. If it goes too far, the empath may be diagnosed with exhaustion.

7. You are always looking out for the Underdog: It is a common trait that anyone who is suffering or is in emotional pain, even being bullied usually draws compassion and attention from an empath.

8. Digestive disorders and sometimes lower back problems: In the centre of the abdomen, there is a solar known as “plexus chakra”, better known as “the seat of emotions”. The more the empath takes in emotionally, the weaker this area get, leading to problems such as ulcers and IBS.Psychic Empath

9. You tend to pick physical symptoms of others: These include colds, body aches and pains, eye infections, even infections that are not contagious. This is especially from people they are closest to.

10. An addictive personality: addictions such as drugs, sex, alcohol among others, come in the way of psychic empaths in a bid to try blocking out peoples’ emotions. This can be deemed as self protection.

There are many more traits of psychic empaths. These are just some from the top of the list. Learning that you are an empath can help you learn to control whose emotions you want to feel and explore and when to do so.

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