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Real Psychic Medium ExperiencesIt takes a special person in a special situation to have a real psychic medium experience, but there are people and items out there who can help anyone achieve a psychic experience, if they have reason to.

Ouija Boards

One of the easiest ways to have a medium experience is to use Ouija boards. This is especially good for people who believe their house or place of stay may be haunted or inhabited by something no longer living, or of foul spirit. Be warned: amateurs should not use Ouija boards by themselves or unsupervised. They need to be in a safe environment with someone more experienced there so that they are not harmed in the process and everything goes according to plan.

Astral Projections

People have been performing astral projections for thousands of years. In Ancient Egypt famous priests and prophets would perform astral projections to get in touch with their higher selves, get aligned with their gods, and to see the bigger picture. It can be a weekly or monthly thing, too. Astral projections rarely happen by accident – these are known as out of body experiences – so most of the time a lot of practice and hard work goes into achieving it. By first simply starting out meditating and working your way out of your body over a period of months, or sometimes even years, anyone can learn how to astral project.

Lucid Dreaming

Another form of psychic experience is lucid dreaming. This is easier to achieve than astral projection, and doesn’t take as much work to perfect. By staying awake while sleeping – something that sounds more difficult than it actually is – anyone can lucid dream. The way to do this is to not move while the body falls asleep. This includes not giving in to those slight itches or twitches your body has as you’re falling asleep. This tricks your mind into thinking you’re asleep, while your mind can wander. After this is done, you can do literally anything within your dream realm – and you are in control.Real Psychic Medium Experiences

Psychic Readings

Finally, the most obvious way to have a real psychic experience is to simply get a psychic reading. This can be difficult only because most psychics are frauds, fakes, and only out for your money. There are genuine mediums out there, however. If they are asking you many questions, focusing on your face, or trying to repeat what you say in a different way later in the conversation, chances are they are a fraud. If they focus on your hand during a palm reading, or the cards during a tarot reading, and focus only on those, with genuine belief on their face and a low price – most real psychics do not charge as much as their fake counterparts – then chances are they are the real deal.

It can be difficult trying to have a real psychic medium experience, but the options are out there, and they are easy to achieve with a little intuition and determination on your part. By going out there and trying your hardest to achieve what you want out of a psychic experience, you too can have one!

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