Psychic Vampires Test, Signs & Symptoms

We’ve all encountered a psychic vampire at some point in our life. While science and medicine remains dubious about their existence, it’s our own encounters and experiences that let us know they are very real. If you are uncertain, you can take your own psychic vampire test to be sure.

A psychic vampire is a person or being which leaves us feeling exhausted and drained after every encounter with them. Some refer to these kinds of energy bandits as emotional vampires because emotional energy is what they most crave. First, through their behaviors and words, they deliberately create conditions of depression, anger, sadness, and pain because they thrive on it. It energizes them the way blood re-energizes the vampires of legend. Psychic vampires can be found most anywhere. They can range from bosses, to friends, or relatives. You may be interacting with a psychic vampire if your encounters with a particular person leave you overwhelmed, irritated, anxious or feeling threatened.Psychic Vampires Test

Behaviors and Symptoms to Look Out For

You consistently keep catching people in lies, meaningless or otherwise. They may be very good at putting on a charismatic front but their words do not match their actions, leaving us let down and confused. While some people are merely temperamental on occasion, a psychic vampire is consistently difficult.Not only do they thrive on gossip and malice, they like to pull you into their slander games either as the victim or the accomplice. Psychic vampires seem to create chaos and strained relationships every place they go. If you have ever listened to your gut instinct not to trust a certain person, or sense they want something you aren’t willing to give, you may be confronting a psychic vampire.

Psychic vampires like to sabotage or weaken by ambushing their victims with constant, unnecessary criticism that serves to undermine rather than be instructive. They seemingly never have anything positive to say unless it’s flattery to soften others up to get something from them.

Whatever avenue they take to steal your energy, psychic vampires always leave us emotionally and mentally exhausted. These forms of energy bandits often leave physical symptoms with us as well. Besides being so energetically draining, they also may cause headaches, nausea, and heart palpitations.

Psychic Vampires Test – Are You Prone To Attacks?Psychic Vampires Test

Some people are more susceptible to predation by psychic vampires. If you experience low self-esteem you may be more likely to fall to the con of the psychic vampire. Highly self-critical people seem to draw psychic vampires more than others. If you see the same unwanted patterns and circumstances arising in your life you will have to look closely to see who is involved. Sometimes unhealthy negative life patterns are caused by the intentions of a psychic vampire who enjoys seeing others fail.

Psychic vampires are also of the non-physical variety. Some refer to them as energy attachments because they attach to your energy and use as their own. They also scatter your mental processes by inserting thoughts that aren’t yours—usually not of the flattering variety. They have the same effect as physical psychic vampires by draining you of vital life force, leaving you exhausted and confused.

Those are the primary patterns of a psychic vampire. If you think someone is vamping you, take a moment to self-reflect on their behaviors and see if they pass the psychic vampire test.

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