Psychic Readings Quiz – What’s Your Psychic Style?

Everybody has a psychic skill naturally built in them. We all are intuitive and we receive our signals in different ways. Some may hear the signals, see the signals or feel them. Your style could be any. Skills are born with an individual but you must practice and sharpen these skills for better understanding of your gift. Take this Psychic Readings Quiz to know what your style is. Whether you can communicate with the universe by voice, by watching it, by feeling it or by predicting it.Psychic Readings Quiz 1.jpg

Psychic Readings Quiz Test 1:

Picture a rose, you imagine?

a) The stem with its thorns with the smooth petals

b) An attractive lawn of roses

c) The smell of roses

d) Hearing the chirps of birds and feel the breeze through roses

e) making a dish with roses

Psychic Readings Quiz Test 2:

‘chocolate’ , what’s your reaction?

A) You can taste the flavour and texture

B) You see a brand name

C) Smell the cocoa

D) You can hear the crunch or snap of the chocolate bar

E) “Good bye diet”

Psychic Readings Quiz Test 3:

Psychic Readings Quiz 1.jpg
You are walking along a beach at sunset. What do you see?

a) Sand between the toes

b) The orange Sun at the horizon

c) Feel fresh smell of their beach

d) Both the sound of those waves touching the seaside and the whine of the sea gulls

e) “Where’s my camera? I need to click this”

Psychic Readings Quiz Test 4:

You’re within an New-age store seeking the perfect thing to improve one’s psychic skills. What’s it that attracts you the most?

a) The crystal – you can consider its unique resonance

b) A tarot deck

c) A few sage for smudging

d) Meditation CD

e) A dream journal

Finally, imagine Johnny Depp is standing near to you personally right now.

The thing you can find easiest to imagine?

a) The feeling of his stubble or softness of his flesh

b) The colour of his eyes

c) Scent of his own perfume

d) Sound of his speech

e) What you had speak about

In this Psychic Readings Quiz, if you get :

Mostly A’s :

You can ‘feel’ the spirits around you. You are very sensitive. You might feel hot or cold when you get a flash of intuition or you feel a spirit around you.

Mostly B’s : You are a clairvoyant. You can ‘see’ things. Through practice you may learn to predict future. Pay attention to details of your vision to get a better prediction.

Mostly C’s : You pay attention to details. You can understand the situation by these little things. You can decode the meanings of intuition, visions or dreams easily. you can literally ‘sniff’ things out. Your nose knows it all.

Psychic Readings Quiz 1.jpgMostly D’s : You are natural clairaudient. You can ‘hear’ music, voice, sounds psychically. You can hear the spirits from different world. You can speak to your spirit guide easily. Ask your guide a question aloud and wait for an answer. Try to listen to the spirit carefully. Meditation may help to enhance you concentration power eventually.

Mostly E’s : You are clairsentient. You ‘know’ things. You feel you always know something about the person or a situation. You know certain things about the person or situation beforehand that nobody would have told you.

How did you score in our Psychic Readings Quiz? Share your results and thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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