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What Is Psychic Blindness Psychic blindness is a term used to describe somatoform malfunction that is characterized by either total or partial loss of eye vision of an eye that would otherwise been biologically or organically normal, psychic blindness is not therefore a basic eye disorder but originates from the brain where the physical eye can see objects normally but the visual image is not interpreted in the brain hence the victim always suffers from loss of memory where new memories cannot be formed and the old memories cannot be recollected. This condition is usually manifested reaction to light especially bright light and other objects capable of eye injury.

This condition was first observed in the monkey by Heinrich Kluver and Paul Bucy, a neuropsychologist and neurosurgeon respectively. This two scientists discovered that when the temporal lobe associated with seizures was removed from the experimental monkey called Aurora the aggressive monkey became tamed and placid and would view objects like a snake’s hissing with no interest as if they had no meaning and from this experiment psychic blindness came to be.

History of psychic blindness in human

This kind of blindness (psychic blindness) was first documented in humans in the year 1955, and the first victims were discovered to have suffered from temporal lobectomy and in patients with meningoencephalitis in 1975. Later its came to light that psychic blindness was harnessed by the following conditions among other medical disorders;

· Persons with brain tumors or those involved in an accidentWhat Is Psychic Blindness

· Due to stroke

· Persons suffering from acute herpes simplex encephalitis

· People suffering from pick disease

· Due to Rett syndrome

· Carbon monoxide poisoning

· Those with anoxia and Ischemia

This therefore showed that people with the above conditions have higher chances of suffering from psychic blindness and so prevention of these conditions are essential for the fight against psychic blindness.

Symptoms of psychic blindness in animals and humans

A major challenge faced by the specialists in this field is the rare symptoms manifest of this condition in human, for a diagnosis of psychic blindness at least three or more symptoms are required. In humans the most common indications of this disorder include the following

  • In ability to identify and recognize familiar objects also called visual agnosia
  • Loss of memory such that one is unable to recognize faces
  • Placidity or tameness- characterized by lack of fear and low aggression
  • Dietary changes and loss of appetite and sometimes eating of inappropriate non-food objects
  • Hyperorality manifested by objects examination by the mouth
  • Profound level of amnesiaWhat Is Psychic Blindness
  • Docility
  • Hyper sexuality i.e. increased sex drive including to unusual objects

Dealing with psychic blindness

Being that psychic blindness is not merely visual disorder but a psychological one, the effects always originates from the brain , this therefore mean that to prevent psychic blindness then immediately one experiences the above mentioned symptoms, then seeking medical assistance should be the one priority. This disorder is stimulated by conditions that affects the left temporal lobe including amygdaloid nucleus that are responsible for visual interpretation, to deal with psychic blindness the conditions such as ischemia and brain tumor should be properly treated in time and by qualified specialists. Above all situations that might lead to brain injury such as accidents and injurious objects should be avoided at all cost to ensure a world free of psychic blindness. Lastly because psychic blindness is a psychological disorder a psychological therapy is therefore recommended.


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