Our Top 5 Pick From Psychic Abilities A To Z List

Have you ever wondered how many psychic abilities from A to Z there are? The complete list is almost infinite when you consider what being psychic actually entails. Granted, the word “psychic” tends to conjures image of 900-numbers and “whack jobs” wearing strange clothes. But if we look at the actual etymology of the word, it’s Greek (“psykhikos”) and translates to mean “of the spirit, mind, soul or life”. So if we keep that perspective, to be psychic is something perfectly natural. This means there is a multitude of extrasensory abilities one can experience. Because that list is so long and so diverse, we’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be the top 5 psychic abilities. Here they are:Psychic Abilities A To Z List

1. Empathy

Empathy is the experiencing of the emotions of others directly. One who possesses psychic empathy tends to have a deep sense of knowing which surpasses even wisdom. They know when someone is not honest, or is in pain, without resorting to intellectual analysis. They have the ability to sense physical problems in others as well which is why empaths tend to be drawn towards healing and therapeutic practices.

2. Intuition

Intuition is something probably everyone experiences, whether they realize it or not. It is that inner voice or “gut feeling” we have. It’s the voice of the soul, of the cosmos, which seems to always have our best interests at heart and guides us on our course. An “intuitive” or someone deeply open to this intuition, has the ability to just flow with life, trusting it knows best without the need for frivolous over-thinking and stress, and can apply it to any situation life brings. An intuitive knows that inner voice is never wrong.

3. Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the state of being aware that your body and mind are asleep and that you are awake inside the dream. This allows the dreamer to control the dream itself. Those who lucid dream can literally create an alternate waking reality, controlling every aspect, while their body sleeps safely in bed. It can be used to resolve past issues and allow for healing and deeper understanding.

4. Meditation

The ability to meditate is the ability to drop all untruths and simply be completely in harmony with the very source of existence. Those who have mastered it are in the state constantly, knowing there is no other state of being which is real. It is the place of true power and complete understanding from which all other psychic abilities flow and our one true home. It’s not a state of being zoned out, as some may think. Rather, it’s the state of being completely present and alive.

5. Psychic/Spiritual Medium

A medium is someone who can tap into and interpret the energies surrounding a person, place or thing. In essence, they rely on a non-physical energy as the source of their information. This information can come from past, present or future and can also come from non-physical entities or beings such as loved ones who have passed on or spiritual guides. This information is then passed to others for the purpose of healing and growth.
This list of the top 5 psychic abilities from A to Z is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many abilities considered to be psychic, some you may not even know. But the journey into self understanding is a strange and deep one and you’re likely to discover more along the way. We had a lot of fun putting together Our Top 5 Pick From Psychic Abilities A To Z List. Please share this and share your thoughts with us.

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