One Of The Best Lucid Dreaming Techniques Step By Step

Lucid dreaming is a set of disciplines, they require commitment and time set aside to practice regularly. The effort required is only mental, but it takes strong conviction to experience the benefits consistently. Getting into shape for lucid dreaming is a lot like getting into physical shape. It is fairly easy to start and you quickly start to experience benefits: such as, much improved dream recall, awareness and peace in waking also. It all depends on your mental effort and your conviction. Once you are in top shape, you can experience lucid dreaming more or less consistently, up to several times. And once you are in shape, it becomes a natural habit to stay in shape. Here is one of the Best Lucid Dreaming Techniques given to you bite sized. Enjoy!Best Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Lucid Dreaming Techniques are:

1. Sleeping

2. Waking

3. Walking

4. Dreaming

Sleeping – disciplines for going to bed at night

Get Enough Sleep

Lucid dreaming happens when your mind is awake while your body is still asleep. Unconscious sleep are critical to your cognitive and emotional health so it is important to get enough rest. A well conscious mind is much more likely to become awake and alert inside a dream. Go to bed early and Get plenty of sleep.

Waking – disciplines for the moment of waking

Gentle Waking

Wake slowly and gently. Don’t rush out of bed to begin your day with your mind jumping to your concerns and to do list. As you realize you are waking, don’t open your eyes. If you turn off an alarm, move slowly to do so. Lie still and think only about the dreams you are waking up from. Review them carefully as well.

Dream Journal

Reach for your dream journal which should always be kept by your sleeping place. You may find it helpful to jot a quick list of key words or phrases as an outline so you won’t forget things while writing. Write down about your night’s dreams as you can recall, including all details.

Walking – disciplines to practice throughout the day

Dreams on the Mind

After you get up to begin your day, think about your dreams. What emotions came up, share your dream with someone else. Throughout the day, just reflect on your dreams from last night. The more you think about dreams and dreaming when you are awake, the more likely you will able to think about them when you are asleep, leading to more of conscious dreaming.

Dreaming – disciplines to practice inside of a dream

Grounding in the Dream Body

If you practice all the above disciplines you will eventually have a dream wherein you realize that you are dreaming. Resist this, instead of focus on grounding yourself in the dream body. Two useful techniques are: 1. Dream spinning 2. Looking at your hands as you wiggle your fingers. Any physical activity that requires balance or concentration should work to keep you grounded.

Dream Control

Energy follows thought, in life and in the dream world. You must learn to control your thoughts and desires You must completely discard all doubt in your ability to accomplish something. It takes practice, but you will get the hang of it. Desire and also emotion are very powerful in this regard for aligning and focusing your intention.

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