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The mysteries of psychic abilities has remained one of the most highly coveted topics throughout history. We are infatuated with the abilities of the unseen, the talents of what might be and finding answers to the unknown. Psychic medium research has run the gamut of opinions and included scientific studies as well as just inexplicable miracles. Entire communities, such as Lily Dale, NY have stabled credible societies based on the religion and philosophies of spiritualism.Psychic Medium Research


The ability to predict future events or ‘see’ into the future is referred to as precognition. The popularity of this particular type of psychic ability has even prompted the U.S. government to experiment on the topic. Cornell University labs created a scientific study, which results demonstrating that some individuals do have the ability to foresee future events. Professor Daryl Bem headed the unconventional study, producing evidence that was not only compelling, but published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.


This is a French word that translates into ‘clear vision’. Clairvoyance is the ability to receive information about an individual, place, item or even a physical event. Clairvoyance became all the rage in the beginning of the twentieth century. The exposure of the large number of frauds overtook any of those that may have truly had talent. The famous magician, Harry Houdini, headed the hunt to expose fraudulent clairvoyants, even though he felt that the potential talent of clairvoyants might be real


This is the ability to potentially ‘sense’ a future occurrence and is different than precognition. In premonition, the individual receives the information in a more obscure manner, such as a dream or a vision. In ancient Greece these people were called ‘seers’. The most famous individual whose premonition talents received validation was Edgar Cayce. Cayce’s abilities were at such a high level of accuracy that a library was constructed to contain his over 14,000 premonition predictions and their results.


Telepathy is the ability for two individuals or a group of individuals to have direct, non-verbal communication with each other. There has actually been a lot of scientific research on the topic of telepathy and gained such a level of credibility that it was used on both sides during the Cold War. When the U.S. found out that Russia was using telepathic talents to locate information on American technology developments and war plans, they also added their own teams to see into the side of the U.S.S.R. Separated and in solitary, the various team members communicated information to each other via telepathy, across thousands of miles. Additional experiments that have shown high promise involved telepathy among mice. It was found that mice separated in different rooms could communicate to each other as to which lever to press for food access.

Psychic medium research has had a tumultuous past, which has darkened any potential talents that might exist. More recently, New Age followers have resurrected interest in physic medium research and the pendulum of interest has swung back. Science is also taking a new fresh look on the topic, with more intense studies and validity in the outcomes.

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