Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

How Dangerous is Lucid Dreaming?


Perhaps you have often found yourself dreaming and very well aware that you are dreaming inside a dream. This is known as lucid dreaming. A lucid dreamer is able to control and manipulate what happens in the dream. But then, is lucid dreaming dangerous? Recent researches show that as much as lucid dreams helps one to face his/her fears (not in reality) thereby purportedly making them more courageous, there exists a number of downsides of lucid dreaming.Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous

Dangers of Lucid Dreaming

Sleep Addiction

If you probably enjoy a lucid dream, then definitely you enjoy sleeping too. Since a lucid dream can be induced, you will have a tendency of always trying to sleep expecting a lucid dream. This results to spending several hours sleeping hence alienation from the world of reality and dissociation. Too much sleep may also lead to headaches, dizziness, depression and weight gain or obesity.

Mental Disorders

Lucid dreaming induces visualization of unreal things at the onset of sleep. This condition, known as schizophrenia, is usually a symptom of a developing mental illness. The imagery and hypnagogic hallucination that accompanies lucid dreamers have all been preludes to mental illness. Some of the imagery may bring very terrifying experiences and horrific encounters while buried in lucid dreaming. This might as well induce stress and depression.

Sleep Disorders

Narcolepsy – the tendency to often fall asleep when relaxing, insomnia – restlessness and sleeplessness sleep apnea – temporary suspension of breathing during sleep are all sleep disorders related to lucid dreaming. Sleep paralysis and sleep walking and sleep talking are also likely to be experienced by lucid dreamers. Sleepwalking can cause adverse effects such as body injuries due to collision with objects.

False Awakening

When you dream inside a dream, you have to wake up inside a dream and then wake up in reality. Having a false wakeup inside a dream over and over might make you feel like you are losing contact with reality since your lucid dreams revolve around a virtual world.

Night Terror and Astral Projections

The experience of a horror-like lucid dream can be bizarre and scary. Astral projections are known to be virtual spiritual existence coined out of the physical body during sleep and it interacts with other entities such as people, land, water bodies and the physical world in general. Astral projections, depending on the expectations of the lucid dreamer, can assume a potentially spiritual nature which may be able to interact with the spiritual world. Examples would be encounters with demons and angels in a dream, dead relatives and friends, a trip to heaven or hell and so forth. This may enable you to get in touch with the dark spiritual world which can bring horrifying nightmares and disturbing encounters in sleep.


Having said the above, I then ask, ‘Is lucid dreaming dangerous?’ Well, according to my verdict, yes it is. Even though it is not guaranteed that you will experience all the side effects mentioned above, continued lucid dreaming will make you experience one or all of them. When you experience any of the above symptoms and it is disturbing, seek a physician’s advice.

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