Is It Possible To Get Accurate Psychic Readings On Pregnancy?

Psychic Readings On PregnancyPsychic Readings On Pregnancy may not be very scientific or based on any type of reasoning. But then when you hear stories of various experiences you think there might something in the whole experience which needs a bit of faith. Everything depends on the particular person who does the prediction as there is no method involved which can be followed by another person and replicated.

A Typical case History:
My friend had a very traumatic experience with her daughter during the entire part of the year immediately after she was born. She was thoroughly done with having a second baby and practically refused to have a second child.

Then she happened to come across a psychic who asked her all of a sudden if she was expecting. My friends expressed surprise and told that she definitely was not interested in having more children. The psychic gave a laugh and told her that she would have a baby boy who would be able to change her life radically and in fact become an integral part of her life.

Strangely nearly six weeks after this reading by the psychic she found herself pregnant and went into a depression wishing that there would be a miscarriage all the time. After the course of the pregnancy when the boy was finally born her whole life actually underwent a change and it was never the same again.

A Typical Psychic Reading Sample:
The reading divulges that in the current pregnancy there is a baby girl and her expected birth will be within this February, with the expected date being the 17th which is significant and important. An aversion for some foods will be persistent during the major part of the pregnancy. There will be tiredness accompanied with heartburn in the later stages especially during the second and the third trimesters. There are indications of a protracted labour lasting nearly 14 hours. The baby’s weight will be healthy around 7lb and 5oz. Features will resemble the mother with beautiful and big eyes. She will be seen as a very happy baby smiling most of the time and will successfully achieve all milestones easily without any setbacks. She will be enjoying her new experiences whenever new foods are given to her and will be fond of most of the things given to her. And so on…

The Reason Psychic Predictions fail:Psychic Readings On Pregnancy 2

Firstly there is the factor of Free Choice. The psychic normally can have access through a window in the future starting from a day when they make the reading. Somewhere along the path might be a choice which is made by which the path changes and this influences the future. This is destiny which cannot be predicted by a psychic as it is not a free choice. In fact if a psychic interferes by predicting free choice it does not remain free choice.

Another Reading:

Your reading shows that in the current pregnancy a girl is foretold in the 26th day of February. There will be a lot of morning sickness issues till the final week. The growth of hair during the second trimester will be healthy and exuberant. Labour is seen as being brief of about 3 hours. The birth weight will be a healthy 8 lbs and the baby will be happy and content with good sleeping habits. She will like to show off everything new taught to her and will have a bright and happy personality. Performance at school will be excellent. Thus to conclude Psychic Readings On Pregnancy help to keep the mined oriented in a positive way during pregnancy.

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