How To Use Psychic Test To Test Intuitive Ability

The word psychic comes from a Greek word that means pertaining to the soul. A psychic person tends to have special abilities. For example they are able to tell the future, they find information that just comes to us and to, feel, hear, or see things that are accurate. The term intuitive means to be guided by ones intuition. A person who is intuitive tends o trust her feelings, follow her heart and to listen to her inner voice. You probably don’t need a test to determine whether you are intuitive or psychic. All the same, these psychic tests and intuitive tests exist.Psychic Test To Test Intuitive Ability

How does this Psychic Test To Test Intuitive Ability work?

The psychic test was designed by Karl Zener a Swiss psychologist during the 1930’s at Dake University. This test was specifically designed for the purpose of testing the psychic ability of the extra sensory perception (ESP). This ESP test used a specialized set of cards called Zener cards. It tested for many different psychic abilities such as the ability to perceive objects or events that have occurred or exist but are unknown to many people. It also tests the ability to be able to transfer feelings or thoughts by means of a medium rather than the five senses. This medium is called telepathy.

The Zener deck consisted of twenty five cards that have five subsets of identical cards. The pictures that are on the cards consist of a hollow circle, a cross, waved lines and a hollow square. Originally, these cards were made out of opaque materials, but due to the fact that these materials were translucence, the individuals could see the shapes through these cards. Owing to this fact, the subsequent decks were made out of a thicker card stock in order to eliminate bias-ness and to promote credibility to the statistical data. This psychic ability tests the powers of your ESP by use of colors, shapes and cards. The test provides others. For example, you can choose from a pre-cognitive or a post-cognitive test. This increases the number of guesses in the test that are in the menu.

There a re many psychic abilities that are attributed to the real people in the world. For example, apportation which is the teleportation or disappearance of an object, death warning which is a vision of a person prior to his death, telepathy which is the transfer of emotions or thoughts, scrying which is using an item to view events in the future and telekinesis which is the ability to manipulate matter by the power of thoughts.

During an intuitive test, an individual is presented with many questions that he or she is supposed to answer. Some of the questions are: do you like animals? Do you enjoy playing with children? Do you like to guess how things are going to turn out, are you comfortable exploring how you feel? Do you enjoy thinking about what dreams mean? These questions are useful in determining the level of your intuition. The above review will help an individual that has decided to take an intuitive test or a psychic test.

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