How To Become A Psychic Mind Reader

A psychic mind reader is a person with the ability to use simple logic and observations and use them to make a high probability guess of what others may be thinking. Some people misunderstand psychic mind readers with supernatural beings but that is never the case.

Though some people have the gift of reading other people’s minds, everybody can become a psychic mind reader. To become a psychic mind reader you will have to be patient and practice a lot. The following are simple guidelines on how you can become a psychic mind reader.How To Become A Psychic Mind Reader


First you should learn to meditate. This gives you an opportunity to communicate with the universal mind which has all records of words, actions, deeds and thoughts in the people’s mind. The universal mind serves as the source of your mind powers and will provide you with guidance as well as teaching. The universal mind is referred to as akashic.

Messages and symbols

You should learn how to recognize symbols and messages you receive. Your senses will send you different messages and symbols and you are supposed to interpret them. These messages may be in the following forms.

· Visual images: pictures may come to you to read. While some images may be directly related, others are not. Indirect means that the images, pictures or symbols you receive may have other meaning.

· Auditory voices: here the psychic mind reader may hear words as if the mind is talking to itself. Sometimes you feel as if you are imagining things.

· Tasting and smelling: the information is received through senses of tasting and smelling.

· Feeling: this refers to the feeling of what other people are going through in their life, feeling people’s fears and worries, feeling that something should be like that among others.

· Intuitive knowing: this is one of the most profound ways by which every psychic mind reader gets information. The information appears to you suddenly and the next moment you know information you never knew.

Clear use of logic

This is one of the basic requirements of a psychic mind reader. You should have a strong sense of logic which guides you to make clear conscious observations and relate them together. If well practiced, you will learn the extent of your logical abilities and any possible margin of errors.

Conscious and unconscious mind

As a psychic mind reader, you should learn how the balance existing between conscious and unconscious parts of your mind. The subconscious side of your mind serves as the processor and works very well with the conscious side. As a result your mind reading ability is amplified.


You should practice relentlessly with other people and always be honest. This will help to refine your mind reading skills. Without any feedback it will be difficult for you to know if your mind reading skills are accurate. It will also serve to reveal any vital misinterpretations you might be making. Do not be afraid of giving the wrong feedback as humans are prone to errors which serves as basis of refining our skills.


To become as successful psychic mind reader, you should pay attention to what other say. The way people convey their messages can send an important message especially their tone. By paying keen attention to other people, you will avoid the risk of making poor interpretation which may lead to serious problems.

Looking at people’s gestures and their actions can also lead you to becoming a successful psychic mind reader. People use body language to reveal their subconscious longings. Sometimes it is difficult to verbalize some desires, ideas or thoughts but through body language they can be sufficiently conveyed. Have you ever wondered how to become a psychic mind reader? Now it that’s simple.

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