How To Become A Psychic Medium – Top Secret Methods

Top Secret Methods On How To Become A Psychic Medium

There are several methods on how to become a psychic medium. A psychic medium has the ability to communicate with the dead, receive messages from angels, spirits and spirit guides. Some communicate directly with spirits while others need to pass through spirit guides to get in touch with them. Psychic mediums are usually consulted when one has unresolved questions to those who passed away.How To Become A Psychic Medium

It has been proved that communicating with a loved one who has passed on relieves one off grief and has a healing power. The most appropriate time to communicate with them is six months after their death a suggested by most mediums. A psychic medium can only communicate with the spirit only if the latter is willing to speak to them. Hence, they cannot force the communication to happen. They usually make use of readings from tarot card, palmistry and psychometry to enable communication with the spirits. Have you ever wished to be psychic medium?

Would you like to receive information that you rarely would get in any other means? Would you love to create a relationship with the spirit world? Here are the most efficient ways of doing that but only try them if you truly desire that information to the level that you can accept the risk that comes with it.

Direct Communication with the spirits

One of the best ways is to try the real action

First, you should find a group of mediums and consult them on the proper setting required for effective communication. You can also try inviting other mediums if possible. You are then required to set up a quiet part or room with dim or no lights at all. Lighting some candles may help boost the setting. You can then speak out a chant or prayer and call on spirits to join in. You should recognize the presence of the spirit(s) and position yourself ready to receive all kinds of communication from them. This may be through feelings, images, words, smells and many more. You can then request the spirit for its identity which you should consequently speak out loud. At this point, you can then start making inquiries and receiving answers or solutions.

You, however, need to take caution with this because you might not be able to control the effects of that communication on you at first. You may feel pain or even frightened. It takes time and experience to be able to control such effects.

Making a psi ball

This influences your inner psychic energy and forms a basis for most of your psychic abilities. You need not use a tight grip as this might make the psychic energy easily flow away. An open palm is recommended instead of a strong fist. You can then try to visualize the movements of the psi ball as much as you can in your imagination. Try to play around with the flow of your psychic energy and give in your best. Listen to the sounds, look at any colors and try to understand how it feels when you touch. If this proves an easy practice for you, then you are on the right path. You should practice frequently, trying to overcome the hindrance between perception and imagination. You will then be able to develop a way to interact with reality using your own consciousness.

Lucid Dreams

You can also become a psychic medium through having psychic dreams. The only way to have psychic dreams is by learning and being able to control lucid dreams. Dreams in which you are aware you are dreaming are known as lucid dreams. Your consciousness is usually awake when having lucid dreams. You can be able to control the surroundings and direction of these dreams to some extent. The setback with this method is that using too much of your consciousness might wake you up completely. You ought to frequently practice to have control over lucid dreams. You should ascertain that you can focus on the right consciousness to have in order not to break away from the dream. You can then create direct communication between your subconscious and conscious minds. You can then inquire as much as you want and perceive the answers from the subconscious mind. This will create a strong foundation to enable you communicate with the other world easily. This is one of the easiest ways on how to become a psychic medium.

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