How To Become A Psychic Healer

A psychic healer is someone with the ability to diagnose illness, eliminate pain and cure diseases by using his diagnosis and healing abilities rather than normal medicine. Wondering what it takes to learn How to become a psychic healer? It entails a combination of three unique abilities: energy manipulation, visualization and spirit guidance. Psychic healers can manipulate different energies in a person by laying hands on them. They can cure ailments by visualization or employing spirit guides to gain knowledge about a certain ailment and its cure. In the past, people believed that psychic healing was a form insanity or demonic possession but today it is accepted as normal health practice.How To Become A Psychic Healer

Energy manipulation

Psychic healers are well aware that all matter contains energy and solid matter is a combination of energies to form a physical mass. Consequently, the healer believes that concentration of negative energies in a person’s body is the cause of most illnesses and diseases. Thus the psychic healer works to break up the negative energy masses relieving the pain, ailment or disease. This unique method of healing has inspired medical practitioners to use high intensity ultrasound waves in breaking up energy masses in scar tissues, tumors and cancerous cells.


Psychic healers use prayers or manifestations to visualize the sick person’s pain, ailment or disease. The healer may make earnest prayers to the spiritual world to release the evil spirits that have afflicted the patient. Once the spirits depart, the pain also escapes from the sick person. Moreover, through manifestation the healer can create energy harmony of the physical and spiritual state by helping the patient reveal his true self. The patient aligns his sick body to healthy state hence becoming well again.

Spirit guides

An important part of learning How To Become A Psychic Healer is to learn how to contact and communicate with spirit guides. Some psychic healers enter into different states of consciousness in order to guide spirits and diagnose the ailment or get knowledge to curing the ailment. There is great power in the world of spirits which a healer taps to bring relief in the ailing person. Some skilled healers have magnetic powers to channel spirits to the infected part of the body. It’s a powerful force which when used in numerous occasions becomes depleted and negatively affects the healer’s health.

Absent healing

Other psychic healers have the ability to heal a person who is not present in their clinic or even in another country. All they need is the sick person’s personal effects like watch, photo or handkerchief to work on. They do not need to contact the person through phone or internet. This form of healing is called absent healing, it requires the ailing person to build up positive energies towards life and have faith of getting well.

In conclusion, how to become a psychic healer requires having unique abilities to diagnosis and cure an ailing person without relying on conventional medicine. You do not need to be born a psychic healer but it’s a skill you can develop like any other. You can interact with other psychic or conduct in-depth research to help program your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body in order to accurately communicate with the spirit world.

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