What Are Fair Psychic Readings Prices To Pay

With thousands of psychic readers available to choose from, finding the right psychic for you can be a daunting task. It can feel a lot like choosing the right doctor—but at least with doctors, you can easily verify their practice history and qualifications. Psychics have a similarly wide variety of disciplines and practitioners to choose from, and a much less standardized fee schedule. One of the most important questions to answer in your search is, “What are fair psychic readings prices to pay?”

Pricing for psychics is complicated by the usual concerns that impact other businesses. If a psychic works in a high-rent area, with a comfortable and welcoming environment arranged inside, her fees will likely be slightly higher just to compensate. Those that work in areas that require specific materials (tarot, scrying, and tea leaf reading, for example) will have to keep those costs in mind as well.

GP Inquiry Group’s recommended Psychic Readings Prices

Fortunately, one independent oversight group (the GP Inquiry Group, which specializes in discerning frauds among psychics) provides good baseline information for you to work from. They rate psychics based on well-studied psychic ability tests, real world performance history, and degrees or other proven credentials. Their recommended average prices are:Psychic Readings Prices

– Category 1 (3-4% of psychics): $39-60/hr in person, $25-35/hr over the phone

– Category 2 (~25% of psychics): $15-40/hr in person, $20-35/hr over the phone; for sessions under 20 minutes, pay no more than $20

– Category 3 (all other psychics; NOT recommended): $15-30/hr in person, $10-15/hr over the phone

Information about specific psychics and their history can be found at reputable websites (note: this only contains the most famous 50 or so psychics, so don’t worry if your psychic isn’t listed by name).

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Watch Out for Frauds!

Mixed among the real psychic and intuitive people offering readings and other services, you will inevitably run into frauds who fake the same abilities to extort money out of you. Look out for potential scams: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Also, different readers will have different styles, not all of which will mesh well with what you need. Many legitimate readers will offer a short ‘trial reading’ for free so that you can get a feeling for both their qualifications and their style. By taking advantage of this, you can both avoid scam artists and make sure that you find a psychic who’s right for you.

Shop Around: the Psychic Fair

Many areas periodically host psychic fairs and expos, which provide a way for readers to find new clients and let you compare many readers without having to do a lot of time-consuming legwork. While many of these fairs charge a bit for admission, it’s well worth the convenience of having so many readers at your fingertips. Being able to see the competition is a great way to make sure that, if you’re looking for more than just a one-time reading, you find the psychic that’s the best match for you.


Trying to figure out on your own what are fair psychic readings prices to pay can be a nightmarish endeavor. However, following the guidelines and advice from this article will help you in your search. In the end, trust your instincts—if you feel like something’s wrong or a practitioner is overcharging, don’t be afraid to find a new reader. Have you shopped around for Psychic Readings Prices? What was your experience? Share with us in the comments section below.

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