Common Psychic Medium Traits To Look Out For

Common Psychic Medium Traits

Research into psychic abilities is fairly common. However, the understanding about psychic medium traits is uncommon. The main reason for this lack of precise information is due to the fact that psychic abilities are unique in their occurrence. It is, therefore, hard to essentially describe each and every trait conclusively. The ideas most people have of what traits are inborn in psychic people are derived mainly from the mass media (TV, movies, series, newspapers). An example includes the TV series Medium, which features Alison as the main character. It creates an elusive and distorted picture of the traits of psychic mediums and essentially aligns being psychic with good performance, which is not always the case. The following describes examples of psychic Psychic Medium Traitsmedium traits.


As normal human beings, we all depend on our five senses to navigate our environment and to interact with one another. Our minds regularly form images and make connections that give us an unlimited perception of reality. While normal human beings apply thinking in a linear fashion, psychic mediums often tend to be more creative in how they think. They do not rely only on logic to pass or arrive at judgment; rather, they have a vivid, three dimensional imagination and perception of what is normally thought to be unreal. It is this imaginative nature that makes psychic mediums to be branded either as weird, psycho, or introverts.


A majority of people with psychic abilities often have an elevated level of sensitivity. This sensitivity is usually twofold; emotional sensitivity and environmental sensitivity. In emotionally sensitivity, psychic mediums feel emotions more than ordinary individuals. They not only feel their emotions, but those of other people as well. In this respect, psychic people are more likely to be upset or insulted by a particular remark than ordinary people.Similarly, the emotions they observe in other people usually provides great disturbance for psychic people. Studies show that psychic people dread negativity and as such, try as much as possible to avoid conflicts, whether verbal or physical. In regards to environmental sensitivity, psychic mediums are immensely positively affected by nature, art and music. It is no wonder that some of the greatest innovators and artists display psychic traits and characteristics. Stimulus overload, or the inability to accommodate too much stimuli is also a sensitivity trait in psychic people. They tend to feel uncomfortable in huge crowds, or where loud music is being played, or generally hectic environments that exert an increase in stimuli.

Physiological Traits

Psychic individuals are more likely to suffer from medical and physiological conditions or disorders such as; anxiety, recurrent depression, bipolar disorder, dyslexia, Asperger’s syndrome and epilepsy. Other conditions include being left-handed, overactive immune systems, allergies and recurring respiratory problems. As children, psychic mediums tend to be slow or hesitant in group participation and express the fear of electricity. Additionally, certain animals often tend to express affection towards psychic mediums. While psychic medium traits are unique in every individual, the average psychic person is likely to display one or all of the above mentioned psychic medium traits.


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