Amazing Methods To Nurture Psychic Kinetic Abilities

Types Of Psychic Kinetic Abilities

There are several forms of psychic kinetic abilities, which may appear like the work of magic, but actually originate from a force within a human body. Psychic kinesis ability involves the capability to move objects, things, other living things using energies from the mind and the spirit. It comes when a person achieves a deep understanding of how the universe and energy works – when that understanding is obtained, psychic abilities blossom.

Psychic PowersPsychic Kinetic Abilities

When everything in the universe is taken on the most basic levels, it’s nothing more than a specific arrangement of neurons, electrons and protons. This means that everything can be changed by an electrical charge or a rise or fall of electrons. Human thinking process is an electric impulse and stimulation of the brain muscles. The brain triggers the central nervous system by sending electrical impulses to control the body. This action stimulates certain parts of the body to react in a specific way like the relaxation and contraction of the muscles. Now, it’s possible for the brain to send electrical impulses without having to trigger the nervous system like through the air because air contains electrons, neutrons and protons as well.

Types Of Psychic Kinetic Powers

The basis of psychic power is the ability to effect a change to a physical thing without a direct contact with the object. Psychics can affect their environment or even the thinking process of another person by manipulating the electrical energies. There are two groups of kinetic psychic powers:

1. Physical – this focuses on manipulation of kinetic energies of substances. Kinetic is simply the movement of energy. Psychics can increase or decrease the levels of kinetic energy to produce varying effects like making items to expand or freeze without tampering with the temperatures. There are also many types of kinetic powers which are classified according to the energies being applied or how the psychic manipulates the energies.

a, Telekinesis – this is the ability to move and change objects using the power of the mind alone.

b, Pyrokinesis – the ability to work with and control fire

c, Hydrokinesis – ability to manipulate water

d, Cryokinesis – capacity to manipulate the temperature

e, Geokinesis – ability to control the earth

f, Magnokinesis – the capacity to manipulate and control magnetic fields

g, Photokinesis – ability to change effects of the light

h, Aerkinesis – ability to manipulate the air

i, Gyrokinesis – ability to manipulate gravity

Some psychics have the ability to combine these abilities to come up with varying effects like combining Cryokinesis with Hydrokinesis to manipulate the snow. Kinesis can only be achieved if the psychic lives a harmonious life – oneness with the universe. This is a difficult state to achieve but it’s possible because everything is part of each other and connected to each other in a deeper way.

2. Mental Powers – this group of psychic focuses on thoughts and the how the mind works. Psychics in this group can detect electrical activity of another person and effectively read the thoughts of that person. Some can read the thoughts of another individual and manipulate the words they will say and actions. Not only can these psychics control others but also cause severe damage of how a person behaves if they maliciously disrupt the electrical activity of the victim.

Find out more on how you can achieve psychic kinetic abilities form different psychic schools.

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